Thursday, March 4, 2010

Handicapped Parking

Saw this happen the other day and had the camera handy to take a couple pics.

A dash-8 sitting on one of the taxi-ways for a long time, with other departing aircraft being routed around it for quite some time. Finally, the dash shuts down both engines and some buses and airport authority vehicles come out to meet it.

Passengers offloaded onto the buses on the taxiway and eventually, the aircraft was towed away.

We were actually using my camera as binoculars it has a pretty good optical zoom, to try and figure out what was going on.

Originally we thought the nose-gear was twisted 90 degrees off centre. There is a nose-wheel steering disconnect on the exterior of the dash-8's nose that you have to pull out when towing it. One theory was that they had forgotten to reconnect, or it failed mid-taxi, causing the nose wheel to suddenly lose directional control.

When we zoomed in with the camera it became obvious this was not the problem.

We spent a few minutes trying to come up with a theory that would fit having to shut down and offload your passengers in the middle of the taxiway and hold up all kinds of operations, instead of simply taxiing back the gate.

This post was actually going to just repeat the same questions we were asking, till I realized I could probably find out.

Checking the photo-file properties I got a date that I took the photo. Using the aircraft type, location and date, I searched the CADORS database and bingo.

Two blown Main Landing Gear tires.

( none of us guessed this.. )

Cadors Number: 2010P0201
Reporting Region: Pacific
Occurrence Information
Occurrence Type: Incident
Occurrence Date: 2010-02-14
Occurrence Time: 2110 Z
Day Or Night: day-time
Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 0
Canadian Aerodrome ID: CYVR
Aerodrome Name: Vancouver Intl
Occurrence Location: Vancouver Intl (CYVR)
Province: British Columbia
Country: CANADA
World Area: North America
Reported By: NAV CANADA
AOR Number: 116196-V1
TSB Class Of Investigation: 5
TSB Occurrence No: A10P0044
Aircraft Information
Flight #: JZA180
Aircraft Category: Aeroplane
Country of Registration: CANADA
Model: DHC 8 301
Year Built: 1989
Amateur Built: No
Engine Model: PW123
Engine Type: Turbo prop
Gear Type:
Phase of Flight: Taxi
Damage: No Damage
Operator: AIR CANADA JAZZ (5002)
Operator Type: Commercial
Event Information
Aerodrome or runway shutdown
Blown tire/wheel failure
Detail Information
User Name: Samson, Donna
Date: 2010-02-15
Further Action Required: No
O.P.I.: Maintenance & Manufacturing
Narrative: An Air Canada Jazz Dehavilland DH8C operating Flight JZA180, IFR Vancouver to Kamloops, experienced blown tires while taxiing for departure (runway 26L). Taxiway Delta was blocked and as a result up to 5 departing aircraft experienced up to 10 minute delays.
User Name: Samson, Donna
Date: 2010-03-02
Further Action Required: Yes
O.P.I.: Maintenance & Manufacturing
Narrative: UPDATE / Add Info from TSB: A10P0044 - The Air Canada (Jazz) DHC-8-300 aircraft (C-GETA), operating as JZA180, was taxiing for Runway 26L at Vancouver for a flight to Kamloops. The aircraft experienced two blown tires on the right main gear and became immobilized on Taxiway D. Maintenance replaced the # 3 and # 4 right main wheel assemblies. The failed wheel assemblies are being examined by company maintenance in Calgary and TSB will be advised of findings.

In Canada, the Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System ( CADORS ) is a great way for NavCanada and other agencies to quickly disseminate information about a safety or regulatory issue without waiting for drawn-out reports, committee's, meetings or royal commissions.

If you do something wrong while practicing Aviation in Canada and someone saw you, chances are you will be the subject of a CADORS.

A CADORS doesnt neccasarily mean there will be any enforcement action. You may not even know that a CADORS about you even exists, unless your friends find it, and post it up on the bulletin board....

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