Thursday, May 7, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Well, finally arrived in South Northtown today. Took me three days to get here, but I'm here now.

The ride up here was.... interesting..... Went to the bus depot in the morning to get a ticket and had to laugh at the weird looking shool busses parked outside. Until the lady who sold me my ticket told me which one would be taking me north!!

The driver even apologized and told me the regular coach was out of service....behold, the glory of the BONE SHAKER!!

Yes...that was quite the ride. The driver was good though and the bus wasn't crowded at all. In fact, when the lady sold me my ticket, she commented on how she had a few calls that morning for people going to my destination. She remarked ' you might even have some company for the trip, " leaving me to belive this might be a bit of a slow route for them...hence the equipment choice I guess.

I sat up front so I could see everything, but there was not that much to see. Nice country and all, but I guess you get a bit spoiled coming from the moutains, in terms of dramatic scenery.

Got into town around 230 and was picked up by the wife of one of the owners. She was quite nice and gave me a quick run-down of the town on our way back to base.

Arriving at base, I finally got a look at where I would be spending my summer. The property is a fair size, I'd say 3-4 acres, but frankly, I dont know acres all that well. This is a view of the dock, where there are a couple planes tied up. They aren't our planes, but belong to other operators in the area, who are using our dock. The main lake, where the main float docks are, is still frozen over. So, people are using our dock to stage their planes at until we either need the space or the main lake thaws out enough to free their own docks up.

The dockhand shack is right down on the water, just a few feet from our dock. In fact this photo is taken looking out the front door of my living quarters.

As you can see, the weather has gone downhill since yesterdays blue skies and sunburn. They are actually caling for snow over the next couple dys.

So, the dockhand shack is a little 2-room affair. The main room is occupied by two bunk beds and a couch, along with a few dresser drawers. I was a little surprised at the bunks, but hey... its not that bad. Not to mention, as the first guy here, I got my pick of bunks.

The other room is a kitchen, with a full complement of appliances and a small kitchen table. There are a few shelves and cabinets with dishes and cooking utensils for us to use as well. Outside, we have big patio, a propane BBQ and a fire-pit with some lawn chairs and benches. Much to my delight, we also have a coke machine...haha.

The other two guys will be showing up over the next two days. I am going down to pick up one of them at the nearest train station tomorrow ( 2 hour return drive ), at an ungodly hour in the AM. It will be nice to have some company after being on the road by myself for the last few days.

The quarters are rustic, but look to be quite comfortable. Particularly for three guys 'batching it for the summer.

Good thing I packed my long-johns, its cold!


  1. OH, looks like a fun summer ahead!

    I hope it warms up soon for you.

  2. OMG...LOVE the bus pic! glad to hear you arrived in one piece.

  3. Thanks folks, no dice on warmer weather...snowing today. I'm dong pretty good at staying in one piece, keep my fingers crossed on that one.