Monday, December 21, 2009

Night Flying Video

Ok, I was going through some old pictures and videos to see if I had anything of interest to post, and I found an old one when I was doing my night rating last year.

It was a solo flight, and I managed to balance the camera on the glareshield ( Dash ) and tried to get a video of a Touch and Go, at CYPK, Pitt Meadows airport.

Quality is not so good, and its not very exciting. until the very last..

I put the coals to her to take care of the " Go " part of a touch and go, and the camera fell onto the floor.

It was funny, but at the time, it actually alarmed me for a second and I learned something that day. Had it fell on the floor on my side of the plane, and jammed under the rudder pedals, or the strap snagged on the yoke and then the mixture knob, things could have been different. A little far fetched, but never the less.

The distraction alone, of seeing the camera go flying, was enough to remind me that fooling around in an airplane, even a little..., can have consequences.

I'm considering selling the footage to Fox News, " DEATH PLANE FOOTAGE!!! ".

Might pay for the multi-ifr I am presently coveting.

Oh, I was showing another fueler how to operate the panel on a large aircraft the other day, and we noticed that the switch to turn the power ON/OFF to the panel is labelled " ARM/DISARM.

We were laughing about their choice of words and not simply using ON/OFF.

I'm going to start using ARM/DISARM in my daily vocabulary.

Honey, would you mind disarming the bathroom lights before you come to bed?

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