Saturday, August 22, 2009

In Transit

Had a great visit out west with The Lovely Wife an now I'm sitting in YVR waiting for my flight back East. It was great to see her, and we both are pretty jazzed that this summer away is quickly wrapping up. Its only a few more weeks and I'll be home for good!

Had a job interview actually while I was here, not a flying job unfortunately. This will most likely be a winter spent buckling down and paying the bills. Particularly if next summer holds pay cut like this one did.

The job is a part-time one, as a de-icing truck operator. I have a lot of the things that they were looking for, Radio License, Airside pass, Class 3 drivers license and experiene working, driving and comunicating around and with large aircraft. The pay isn't too bad either and it would dove tail nicely with my full time fueling gig. they seemed suitably impressed with my experiene and said they dont think it would be a problem getting me a regular part-time shift. Calls for training dates go out over the next couple days, so I'll be eagerly awaiting the call.

Long days, working two jobs, but the extra cash to pay down my flight training debt is more than welcome. After this summer and its fourteen hour days a twelve hour shift will seem positively luxurious. especially if it means I get to spend my nights at home with The Lovely Wife.

Tried to take the new skytrain ie to the airport this morning, as we live right beside a skytrain line. Turns out the first train isn't until 0620.. with its hour transit time and my flight boarding at 0730, it was too tight. I didn't find out til I was standing outside the closed gate with my bag in hand. Had to call TLW and wake her back up again to jump in the car and drive me in. Oh well, it was nice to see her again!

Enjoying the free wifi here at YVR as well. Can't believe that some airports still make you pay-to-play on their wifi setups, seems so cheesy and cheap considering how many places give it away...

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