Monday, December 7, 2009

Brush with greatness

Ok, so I finally met someone famous.

I walked out the door of the FBO and there. he. was.

Right there, looking at me.

I couldn't believe it...was it really him?

It can't be.

He looks..much...shorter ...for some reason.

Maybe its not him.

Stop staring.

Jesus, you know what, it is him.

Yup. ran into Captain Sully last night.

No, not the goose-eating-river-landing Sully, THE Captain Sully.

I've been following his blog for the past two years or so, and he finally made his way out to the west coast. Ostensibly to visit his mom, but I suspect he had heard of the fantastic-ness that is our FBO and just had to see for himself what all the buzz was about.

Joking aside, it actually did feel like a celebrity encounter. I have several small Tupperware containers filled with respect for the guy, gained from reading along with his blog, as well as his moderation efforts and postings on a certain Canadian Aviation Interweb Forum / Cage Match Death Ring Bloodsport site.

Imagine my horror as I filled his plane and managed to draw the short straw and get El Vesuvius, the hose with the leaky nozzle, and splattered Jet-A all around the fill port.

Couldn't take any pictures, of course, you're not supposed to harass the celebrities.

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  1. I too read Sulako's blog and enjoy it very much. It's a good read.

    Thanks for the post.